Omori stands out through its extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of packaging machines on various markets. We supply process and packaging solutions fully based on your specific wishes and are specialized in sectors such as the food sector and pharmaceutical industry.


The production of food products is subject to strict requirements with respect to quality and hygiene. In addition, the production processes must be arranged as efficiently as possible to realize cost savings. It is for this reason that Omori develops solutions that both improve and speed up the food production processes and the packaging of foodstuffs.

From meat processing machines and artificial casing to food processing of soup, baby nutrition and packaging cheese and tea bags, Omori offers a wide range of applications and solutions. We do not only supply traditional packaging, but will also be happy to advise you on options to differentiate your brand.

Depending on your product, you may choose innovative packaging ideas such as easy recloseability or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Omori’s packaging experts are happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your product.


Medicals product and pharmaeuticals pose essential requirements to packaging. Complex high-value products require proper protection against external influences or the risk of damage during transport.

The specialists of Omori are fully informed of the strict regulations and safety requirements that apply in the pharmaceutical industry. We are happy to support you in developing a comprehensive packaging solution that meets all rules and regulations.

Omori offers you fully integrated packaging solutions for products in the pharmaceutical sector and in addition to packaging machines we also supply end-packaging systems for multipacks in various varieties.

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