Packaging machines

You want to add optimal shelf life, ease of use and a fitting image to your products. Omori offers you a wide range of packaging systems, including:

  • Horizontal Flow Packers (also known as flow wrappers, Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines or HFFs)
  • Stretch Wrappers (also known as tray wrappers or stretch tray wrappers)
  • Complete packaging lines


Omori is market leader in the area of Flow Packers; machines to automatically, efficiently and reliably package varying products.  Flow Packers are widely deployed to package foodstuffs (e.g. sliced cheese and meat, fish, biscuits) medical products (sterile products) and industrial products (e.g. batteries or bearings).

The Omori Flow Packers are developed in line with the ISO9001 and JIS quality standards and distinguish themselves by their high level of flexibility. The machines meet all international requirements within the medical and food industry; with proper maintenance they will perform excellently for many years.

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Stretch wrappers

The Omori Stretch Wrappers are high-quality packaging machines particularly suited for use in the food sector. Our Stretch Wrappers provide high-speed packaging of numerous food products such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruits in trays. Machines can be supplied in stainless steel or coated versions.

In addition to supplying stand-alone Stretch Wrappers, Omori specialises in the installation of complete production lines. We will simply place your Stretch Wrapper in an existing production line such as a rotary system. A smart combination of different systems will ensure a faster and more efficient production process.

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