High-speed horizontal Flow Packer S series

The high-speed servo-drive horizontal Flow Packer has been especially developed for packaging food or pharmaceutical products at high speed with or without trays. The machine can be ordered in a coated or stainless steel version. Depending on the application, the film will be fed from the top or bottom.

Features High-speed horizontal Flow Packer S series

  • Hermetically sealed packaging with the box-motion end seal (tracking conveyor)
  • No empty packaging by the on-demand function: no packaging without infeed of products
  • No-cut function: should the position of a product have shifted, the seal bars remain open en do not cut the product
  • The no-cut function also prevents smearing of the bars leading to messy or non-hermetically sealed seals
  • Maintenance-friendly machines
  • Full control during transport by the standard hold-down belt and conveyor between the forming collar and the seal
  • If the packaging temperature rises, the Flow Packer automatically adjusts the temperature (temperature setting with curve control)
  • Hygienic finishing as the corners are curved and not joined with screws
  • The many options in terms of control, adjustable forming collar and infeed conveyor make the machines flexible and operational for a wide range of products.
  • All main components (film transport, product infeed, centre seal and end seal) are independently powered by servo motors

These modern technical specifications ensure an optimal packaging process. Our team will of course think along pro-actively with you to realize the most efficient en high-quality packaging solution. Feel free to contact us in case of questions.


  • CapacityUp to 300 products per minute
  • Width200-280mm
  • Height60-80mm
  • Film width450-600mm
  • Film infeedTop or bottom
  • end sealRotating or box motion


  • Fumigation
  • No-cut function
  • Oxygen absorber dispenser
  • Peelable film
  • Resealable applicators
  • Automatic infeed
  • Automatic tray infeed
  • Automatic changing film rolls
  • Static loading/unloading
  • Slided seal bar (hermetically closed centre seal)


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