Stretch Wrapper STN series

Omori Stretch Wrappers are packaging machines particularly suited for use in the food sector. The Stretch Wrapper packages a wide range of food products at high speed. The STN series is a servo-drive vibration-free stretch film wrapping machine for high-speed packaging and sealing products in trays. This Stretch Wrapper can package products in continuous and on-demand modus. The machine is fitted with a unique film flap folding system for an attractive packaging result.

Omori not only supplies stand-alone Stretch Wrappers, but also provides advice and installation services with respect to complete production lines. The Stretch Wrapper can simply be placed in a full production line, for example in a rotary system. By combining various systems and by aligning the machines accurately, you will optimize your production process.

Features Stretch Wrapper STN series

  • The various machine components are powered by servo motors that operate independently
  • The stretch-film wrapping machine is vibration-free enabling tight packaging and sealing of food products (attractive packaging)
  • High-speed packaging
  • Can package both in continuous and ‘on-demand’ modus (constant infeed of products not required)
  • No empty packaging by the on-demand function: no packaging without infeed of products
  • Fitted with a unique film flap folding system for an attractive packaging result.
  • The speed can infinitely be adjusted and can be fully aligned with other components in a complete production line
  • 64 different products can be saved
  • Easy product-changeover by pressing a button once
  • Uses 30% less film compared to other makes of stretch wrappers resulting in less packaging material costs and lower environmental impact

These modern technical specifications ensure an optimal packaging process. Our team will of course think along pro-actively with you to realize the most efficient en high-quality packaging solution. Feel free to contact us in case of questions.


  • CapacityUp to 150 per minute
  • Width80-260mm
  • Height15-100mm
  • Length100-400mm
  • Film width220-700mm


  • Outfeed conveyor
  • Printer
  • Heated centre seal
  • Full-automatic changeover
  • Communication function with check weigher


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